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About Us

Who Are We

Core Business Advisors, PLLC is comprised of a highly skilled team of professionals with a wide range of backgrounds:

  • Non-Profit
  • Family Office
  • Technology-driven
  • Medical Services
  • Research & development
  • Energy and related services

What We Do

We are a leading provider of management consulting services to new and established companies in central Oklahoma. We provide part-time, contract CFO and related financial and management consulting services to small and mid-size companies. 

Founded in 2010, our team of seasoned professionals has a variety of experience in corporate finance & accounting, operations management, raising capital (both debt and equity), managing and improving cash flow, mergers/acquisitions/joint ventures, as well as leading or assisting with special projects.

What We Offer

We partner with clients and offer specifically tailored services to meet their needs. We provide both a hands-on approach and strategic vision to guide growing businesses to reach the next level. As an outsource solution, Core Business Advisors discreetly structures engagements for companies seeking permanent, part-time and interim financial resources while complementing existing finance and accounting staff.

During 2019, we launched our new financial workflow management solution, Calyx Insight, to provide our clients with the best possible financial information for managing their organizations.


Curt Almen

Curt Almen

Curt was a partner with Lisle Compton Cole & Almen and has over 14 years of public accounting experience. In addition, he spent 9 years as the CFO/Treasurer for a holding company and related entities in the oil & gas industry. Curt has also performed the CFO function for several other entities in diverse industries including not-for-profit and research and development companies.

Tom Carlson

Tom Carlson, CPA, CGMA – Tom brings over 30 years of experience as a senior business leader in both publicly traded and privately held companies. He has helped shape and implement strategies in his roles as Managing Director, Sales and Operations Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance for companies ranging in size from approximately $50 million to $1.6 billion in net sales. During the last 15 years, he has been particularly active in acquisitions and divestitures, and consulting or directing sales teams in complex customer relationships and contracts. Tom also spent 13 years in the auditing division of a Big Four public accounting firm, including 2 years in the firm’s executive office. Tom is a member of the AICPA Not-for-Profit Section.

Randy Compton

Randy has over 30 years of accounting experience including over 25 years in public accounting. He has been a business owner, CFO and was the founding partner of Lisle Compton Cole & Almen. Randy has worked extensively with public companies and in the financial services industry throughout his career and has developed a strong expertise in operations and finance that has allowed him to effectively service clients of all sizes and structure both domestic and international.

Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey, a seasoned financial leader, brings over a decade of comprehensive experience, specializing in tax consulting and CFO functions. Stephanie excels in guiding organizations through strategic growth initiatives, operational optimizations, and overseeing diverse financial portfolios. With a demonstrated track record in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, Stephanie has held key leadership roles as a CFO in various industries, as well as serving as Tax Director, leading a regional tax practice during her tenure at KPMG. Her experience spans across healthcare, education, retail, social services, and more, providing her with a deep understanding of the unique financial challenges and opportunities within each sector. Stephanie's multifaceted skill set, and strategic approach make her a valuable asset in providing tailored financial solutions to clients across diverse industries.


Calyx insight is a service that provides financial management to clients through our convenient cloud-based technology platform. This higher-level platform enables CFOs to work at their highest level of efficiency by simplifying basic bookkeeping while keeping outsourced CFOs thoroughly engaged. 


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