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Calyx Insight

Calyx Insight is a suite of services that provide financial management to clients through our convenient cloud-based technology platform.  CFOs work at their highest level of efficiency as we simplify workflows.  Insightful and actionable financial information keeps your organization engaged rather than producing spreadsheets.

By combining specific industry knowledge and the latest cloud-based technology, Calyx Insight allows for a high level of efficiency, simplified workflow and thoroughly engaged CFOs.  With Core Business Advisors you have the added benefit of these services being delivered with our financial and strategic thinking.


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Tailored Services

Each of our clients is unique.  Using our decades of financial management experience, we design our services to meet your needs.

  • Regularly scheduled communications
  • Board or family meetings
  • Creditor and investor meetings
  • Workflow design
  • Report package
  • Operational insights and critical success factors


Workflow Design

Efficient workflow is essential to our mutual objectives.  Technology evolution has enabled dramatic improvement in accounting and reporting.

  • Integrated systems so transactions are handled once
  • Mobile applications which speed authorizations
  • True cloud-based platform for effective collaboration
  • Seamless integration of supportive applications
  • Limitless ability to balance work



Secure Systems

By partnering with AICPA endorsed technology providers, we have leveraged thorough vetting of secure and reliable systems.  Combined with our due diligence and internal security measures, we offer clients a superior computing environment when it comes to uptime, data security and recoverability, and reliability.

  • Leading providers with best-in-class availability
  • Rigorous evaluation of solution partners
  • 24/7/365 accessibility
  • Layered in-app security for additional protection


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Our vision for your financial management systems are to continously provide the information you need to manage your enterprise and create value for your owners or community.  The preparation of reliable and useful financial statements and other financial information need not be a project, but rather should flow naturally from your systems as transactions are recorded.  We believe in "one version of the truth" rather than many versions derived from multiple spreadsheets throughout the organization.

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"...and you are solving a problem that has plagued family offices for a long time."

- M.M., Wealth Manager

 "Because of limits on our human resources, streamlined workflow is key for us.  Improved financial reporting is a bonus."

- T. M., Founder